Tic-tac-toe -3D-! New twist to the normal one. (2-player game)

So this is a version of that “x and o” game where you must get 3 in a row, but here the area is a cube. At the moment there is no anounchment if you win, you just have to realize it yourself. Also this is 2-player game, my skills won’t be enough to make any bot.

Arrow keys to rotate the cube, click where you want to add your “mark”. You win with 3-row, but the row must be on one face of the cube.

(Single player challenge: Mark all cubes without a single 3-row. Yes, it is possible.)


it sounds fun but an you upload it on a different site please (your current one is being weird to me :()

Very cool game, I had a lot of fun playing against myself. You really do need for it to announce a winner, sometimes it can get slightly confusing. Still though really cool game. Would you be interested in posting a .blend file for educational purposes? I would understand if you didn’t.

Sorry, I wouldn’t like to post it, but I can explain how it works, I think it helps even more than file:

-In the middle there is an empty where camera is parented, so when empty rotates, so does camera around cube.
-Lets say the starting cubes are “normalred”. When you click anywhere, all the cubes change to “normalblue”. If the cursor is on one of the blocks when you first time click, the cube changes into “red”. (remember, all others still change to “normalblue”.)
-Now when all are “normalblues”, the same repeats: when clicked, all change back to “normalred”, if cursor is over one of the blocks while it is clicked, it changes to “blue”.

A bit complicated method, but I think this is the easiest one without scripts. Oh nearly forgot, it HAS one script, so you can see cursor in game.

edit: For transparent cubes I watched http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zan8P1ILEoY. Not the best possible tutorial, but by changing it a bit I made the cubes to be permanently transparent.

wow, yea, that is really fun!

Ok, that was a good enough explanation, thanks.