Tick of the Clock

This project was the adaptation of the concept art below by Eddie Mendoza
-> check out my artstation page if you want to see my other artwork https://www.artstation.com/dorianborremans :innocent:


Post process

Took 19:27 on cycles 3850x1890 @ 750samples with two RTX2080ti

Here a close up


biker only

Full work journal here

Original concept art from eddie:

Decal machine, Mesh machine, Box cutter and Kit Ops were really handy for this project. Both for the bike and the decor. I also used some kitbash set from the sketchup wharehouse and a rigged adobe mixamo character.


That bike is sick, and I love the environment as well. I think it really captures the mood in the original concept art, while still being its own thing.


Thanks, yeah at a certain point i decided to separate my work from the concept art :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the lighting… nice job all round

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Thanks ! i used more than 30 lamps for this scene

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Incredible work! Love the mood and the lighting! Could very well be on the cover of a synth wave album :slight_smile:

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Thanks ! I was listening this genre of music while working on this :grinning:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks bart

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Way cool!!!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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That made my day ! thanks everyone

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That’s all I listen to when Blender is open :smiley:

Saw the WIP sometime last week. Love the final result. It looks fantastic.

Do you have any wires or breakdowns?

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There is some printscreens in my wip topic if you want to check out :slight_smile: I don’t really pay attention to topology when it’s not for a game/animation/curved so there’s not a lot of proud work to show off there except for some part of the bike :motorcycle:

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Wow! Awesome :hearts:

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Great stuff! Lots of detail - you obviously spent a lot of time on this.

If you are looking for suggestions - read on - but if not … I think it’s a great image. :slight_smile:

The first thing that pops out at me is that there isn’t a lot of value difference between the foreground and background. Your subject kind of gets lost in the high-frequency details and bright areas of the background - i.e. they’re fighting for attention. You might want to try a few things: 1) Reducing the saturation of the colors in the background - and shifting them to a cooler palette. 2) Adding more “atmospheric perspective” - i.e. fog, or 3) Pumping up the Depth Of Field to bring focus back to your subject.

Note that in the concept piece, there are “spots” of background brightness, but overall the value of the background is lower than the subject. For example, look at the round structure that “halos” the helmet: In the concept, the halo effect is fairly subtle - vs in the render where it’s much brighter (and it gave me the impression of a “force field” around the helmet at first glance).

Regardless of those minor suggestions, I still think it’s an awesome image :wink:

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Great work :slight_smile:

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Thanks BlenderNation ! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Amazing work!! :+1:

I really like your adaptation of the original concept, especially the visor on the helmet which blocks the character’s face. Has a very ‘mysterious’ feeling…

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