Tick of the Clock

Stunning work man! I miss the decals though :slight_smile: PS you said decal machine and a couple other addons?! I dont see decals or am i missing something. Is that helmet lowres or something, i looks like it. You see sharp corners where the shade and high lighted area meet.

But dang that artist is so good!! Wonder what he does at Apple?!?!

here are the decals

used also box cutter for defining shapes of everything and the hardsurf of the building are almost 80% kit-ops k-pak

thanks everyone for the appreciation :slight_smile:

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Ah okay, you mean mesh decals, if we can call that decals :slight_smile: Look stunning man!

PS did you see my question about the helmet?

oops, yeah it forgot to put a level of subsrurf, that’s it
its quite subtle tho

Yup thought so. Did you use spherize square or something. Wonder why the quads seem to be rotated

i must say that i never pay attention to topology unless it’s a big deal, if my model, or kitbash model i found, is dirty and i can get away with it i just do it for speed sake because right now im trying to push a maximum good looking artwork as possible into my portfolio. :slight_smile:

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Cool bike! Do you think we could get a model?

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Yep but you will have some rework to do, the other side is ugly af

That is fine, thanks!

No crits from me, this is truly awesome work and I appreciate you sharing. very nice attention to detail i might add… also reminds me of something between Akira and Bade Runner, so yeah very cool…


Thanks a lot !

This is fantastic. Great work.

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Thanks a lot @Neoteric3d

This is fantastic work! Love the look keep it going!

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