Tick Tick

Hi everyone,
This is my first post in blenderartist, it’s just a simple cartoon clock render done in blender.
Hope you all like it . . .:o

Here is simple animation - - [video]https://youtu.be/gH38C88ItAk[/video]

Just beautiful :D.
haha… the animation is so cute, also.

This looks amazing, one thing I would change about the first render is the vignette effect on the left side. for some reason I find it distracting and disrupting the composition.
However, I love the look you achieved, it’s great!


Very cute indeed!

Really a nice work, You caught the right mood


This is wonderful. I love the colors.

Steve S

Everything is spot on, the reflections, lighting, shadows,
A fantastic piece.

Really Cute and fresh!

Looks tasty!

I believe this is a piece of 2^56 the hord awaites you defeni9etly do not meat anyone.

I like the animation very much! The music fits nicely, and the whole thing is very cute!

I love the colors and lighting. Animation is lovely too :slight_smile:

Great job!

Wow, this image is a color bomb. Its colors really differ with all their saturation, very well balanced. I will set it as a home screen on my phone, I will be more happy when I get up early in the morning.

I feel like the wall misses something, pictures or stuff. Have you considered this?

This is great! The animation is as well. Very professional quality!

It is amazing with it simplysity nice work :slight_smile:

Thank very much to all …

Thanks for your suggestion.I will take a look at that and i will correct with my upcoming renders …

I tried adding some picture frames to the wall ,but that was not looking good for me so I just left it like that…

Man this is really awesome render, i’m inspired! Could you give me some tips on how to produce the cartoonic feels such as this? Is it the shader and the lighting? If so how it is used to create such effect? I’ve been clueless for such a long time on how to create such result so I apologize if I ask too much…

nice work, super lighting