Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave
Hi, in short: I know the basics of fluid simulation but need some help on creating a moving tidal wave.
Description: I have an object that is to be “smothered” in an oncoming tidal wave.
Up till now i have only seen a fluid object that more or less “drops & spreads”.
I need an approach and crash :wink:
Perfect scenario for me : A wave that has a cruved front & crest (like those surfing videos where the surfers ride inside the wave “tunnel” that approaces the object) and then smashes into the object. That wave then “pushes” the object along with it (although i have read that the 2nd part is not so easy).

Thx for Your wisdom!

The Blender fluid simulator does have a limit on size. So thinking of this as a simulation may not be the way to go. Because you have such specific requirements for the wave shape and action you may want to model the wave so it’s shape can be animated. The pushing of objects can be faked, just animate them as you need for your scene.

I did attempt something like this as a full simulation. You can find a BLEND file here.

Cool! I will have a Look-See later. Thanks a Million!

Blend file here: http://mikepan.com/files.php
Its 5 years old so I’m not sure if it still works

getting it to curve in the front and crest in the back will be hard

maybe u could use a control object to get the wave to crest. ive never tried it though

In this video, how did he get a large feel to it? currently the real world size is limited to 10 meters which is way too small for something like that!

@ldh1109: Do you know which one of those Mike Pan files generates the massive fluid simulation? None of the comments mention that. I don’t think the BLEND file is there?

A combination of high resolution and slower speed, probably.

I would suggest using two objects. First, a wave object modelled the old-fashioned way, maybe use shape keys to animate the mesh as it curls. At the moment it strikes the collisions objects, I’d create a fluid in the shape of the wave. The tricky part will be blending the two with the same material properties and at the same instant in time.