[ Tie Fighter ] - [ 45 Minutes ]




this is a hard one… The TIE does not shoot from the wing tips, and it doesn’t have exhaust from its butt… :smiley:

wasn’t shure about that. in the ref pic i had there were also guns on the wing tips, but from what i recall there were only twin guns beneath the cockpit.

Well, that model does shoot from the wingtips… But it’s not a TIE Fighter, strictly speaking. It’s a TIE Interceptor.

…and they more than likely do shoot exhaust out their butts; or rather a stream of charged ions. I think I can accept being able to see that ion stream as “artistic license.”

Besides, Protocoldoug’s is the better model IMO - exhaust or no. :slight_smile:

I like the first 2, but I gave it to dracofodder because of the creativity.

I do NOT like to be a critic, but, Linny, that is a TIE Interceptor. Any-whoo… GOOD JOB!!

shuddup nerds

hahaha i actually laughed… out loud