Tie Fighter Ruin

I wanted to see what wreckage from a Star Wars Battle would look like 50 plus year down the line. Bring on the input. I am planning on doing so large scale battlefields.

Couldn’t find a tie or a fighter so turned the lights on. The scale and camera placement doesn’t make sense, or why it is in a room of some sort (not getting the reference if there is one). It’s not clear if the fighter is in real scale (around 2x human) or if it’s around knee high when someone looks out the window.

Drew a quick thumbnail sketch. A nature scene would make more sense, a forest with huge trees perhaps. Obviously the fighter wouldn’t be in a new condition but even if it would really rust and get plantlife growing all over, you want to strategically hold back and expose enough original form and surface that quickly reminds of what the thing really is.

Very good point. I wanted it to appear to be in a hangar in a heavy forested area. I will make some adjustments and see if it makes more since thanks.