Tie-Fighter X- Wing Dogfight

I’m currently working on a small Project, in which, 2 Tie-Fighter and a X-Wing are having a dogfight above the clouds. I’m facing some issues here and their, because I’m quite new to the whole 3D stuff and just starting (learning since 1.5 months). I hope someone can help me with these issues and I’m excited to share my progress on this Project.

Here is the first thing I created for this Project. A X-Wing of the old rebellion with the paint job of Poe Damerons X-Wing

So, I’ve tried to put a Rig together, but won’t work. I’ve looked on many websites an quite a few videos, but I can’t figure it out. The Question is how can I Rig the Wings to open, so that the X-Wing can barrel role anyway? With my current rig it looks like this

The Rig consists of 5 Bones. 1 Controller for the main body and four for the Wings to open. 3 of got copy rotation constraints an the “controller” for the Wing got a limit rotation constraint, so it opens just to angle I want. I hope someone can help me with that, cause my project is stuck at this point and I get no further without that rig.