Tiefling Character - Need CC

I had this idea for a while but I couldn’t find an artwork that I can use as reference so I used a bunch of different artworks as reference, but I’m not sure if I was able to catch the feel I wanted and kind of gave up towards the end. What can I do to improve this render?

I like it. “She looks like a real, horny b*tch.” :smiley:

Seriously – her pose and expression is good, the set is interesting, the composition is very tight, and there’s illumination in the shadows where there needs to be. The slight volumetric effect in the spotlight is good. The lighting on the objects in the foreground is good although a tad contrasty.

Aside from the fireflies, I think that this render could simply use color, especially in the lighting. Put tinted “gels” on the various lights in complementary colors, so that the lighting is “almost white but not quite.” Gels are customarily used in commercial photography even when the intended effect is “white light.” (Partly of course because real-world strobes are sometimes slightly blue.)

Thank you, you’re right about the foreground.

The light actually has a color but I desaturated the final image quite a bit to get a cold, scary atmosphere so I lost a lot of color.

Well, it might be interesting if you used something like Photoshop to tint the image now, instead of actually re-rendering it . . .

Okay I removed most of the fireflies, darkened the foreground and tinted a little bit. I don’t know if this is what you had in mind, I hope it looks better.

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I still think it’s terrific. This lady really dominates the scene, exactly as she’s supposed to. Love the intricate detail on her imaginative costume. :+1:

Thanks man, I really appreciate it.