Tif texture image with alpha does not show up in render.

I was using a jpg image as a texture for the wing of a bald eagle, with everything working just fine. When I exchange the jpg image by the same image but then a tif image with alpha channel, it still shows up in 3d and uv view, but when I render, the texture does not show . All I do is opening another image in the UV editor. What is wrong? How can I get an alpha channel in my textured renderings ?

Try using tga file format for images with alpha channel. In my opinion, it works the best.

Be sure to press the “premul” and the “RGBA” option in your render windows :slight_smile:

personnaly, I prefer work with PNG

Thanks for pointing me to the RGBA and Premul buttons, I did not know about these yet :smiley:

I still have problems though. I have a texture on the wing of a bird, and would like the model to be transparant between feathers, this is where the alpha mask sits. With PNG RGBA Premul this does not work. The space between the feathers still renders white. Maybe I need another approach, like using a separate texture for steering transparancy. Anyone knows how to get the desired results ?

I’ve got the same problem thzan you since 2.43 version :
UV mapping (jpeg) works well in the 3D views, but no shown when render.
When I reload an old project made with older version, got the same problem.
Has something changed in the new version or is it a bug ?