TIFF format with OSX 10.5.x and Blender 2.46-2.48a

Hello -

somehow I dont have the tiff-format aviable at work (blender 2.46/2.48a Python 2.5 under OSX 10.5 Leopard). At home - ubuntu 8.04 - all is fine.

We widely use tiff images beside photoshop-psd in our workflow at work (print/advertising/postproduction). TIFF also supports 16 bit and alpha channels … so I really really need it!

Any ideas why the OSX version does not come with tiff-support? Or is it a bug?

Thanks for any comments on this!

Edit: Sorry - posted it in the wrong section - maybe someone can move it to “Support”. Thanks.

It works fine for me, Blender 2.48, OSX 10.5.6.
You could try with .psd files, Blender can deal with it.

Thanks for your reply - so it seems to be my system (maybe the extra phyton installation beside the one which comes with the OS).

I’ll try tomorrow with another Mac.


Blender does not support 16 or 32 bit pro channel TIFFs. It loads 16bit/ch but uses it as 8bit/ch (shown as RGBA byte type). It can’t load 32bit/ch anyway. I had problems with it according to transfer maps from ZBrush. You can read more about it here: http://blenderpro.uw.hu/tutorial/displacementmapping.html

I tried it with another mac today - OS X 10.5.6 and blender 2.48a (Python 2.5 version) -no luck :no:

This mac has pretty basic installment - CS-4 Suite and some other common stuff in PrePress/Print business …

Can anyone second that tiff works with this combination?

@poison: Really? At home on my ubuntu-linux I can select tiff and then there is a button for using 16-bit.
Besides the 16 bit usability I still looking for a good way to usw textures with alpha masks (PNG and Photoshop doesnt work right - jaggy edges)

Ubuntu: Please, show me that button! Have right checked Ubuntu 8.10 with Blender 2.46 / 2.48 daily build and I couldn’t find it.
Jaggy edges: Try the premul button on the image tab.


Above Screenshot shows tiff (w/ 16 bit button below) - I dont have this with OSX :spin:

Yes, you can save the rendered image to this format (Win version has this option), but you can’t reload it. It will be handled as 8bit per channel. I tought, your workflow needs this format as textures in Blender.

Both options would be usefull - loading an saving - but TIFF does not appear in the OSX Version at all!

No one else have any idea?