TIFF PNG JPG disk space TEXTURES what would you do in this situation?

I moved my large texture library to my C:\ because its a fast samsung NVME drive, but as im running out of space especially with tiff textures which I decided to use as they have advantages and there are no advantages of JPEGs which get decompressed at render time anyway so there’s apparently no saving of memory. The only advantage of JPEG being disk space. What i currently do is get a 1K texture from a free pbr texture site then run it through AI gigapixel and turn them into 4K 16bit tiff. But the files size goes from approx 300k right upto 130MB. which is crazy. Note there are about 4 textures in a PBR material so that’s about 500mb per texture. At 3K they end up at about 70mb each.

Should i switch to PNG? or JPEG or should i continue to add tiff textures and re-locate all my textures to a bigger slower hard disk drive? Maybe i should go with 8bit tiff? or even stay at 2K…

do you really need 4 K images
that is a better question I think!

happy bl