Tiff Texture in Cycles

I suddenly have a weird issue where the texture shows up just fine in EEVEE and Image view but it goes purple when switching to Cycles. Any idea what could cause this?

Well, attach a .blend?

Can’t attach this blend as its a job project but I will try to create another blend just to see if it happens.

I can’t reproduce the problem. The thing is that when I remove the texture, close Blender, then add it back it works for a while then it goes purple again. Pretty weird thing.

The problem doesn’t occur if I use a PNG image.

Try to pack the external data (file-external data-pack automatically)

Ok I found why this happened in case someone has the same problem in the future.

As the label was B&W at some point I hit CTRL-Y instead of CTRL-T to resize something changing the mode to CMYK. By reverting back to RGB the TIFF now works fine. I realize about this when saving the PNG from the TIFF as it wouldn’t let me save as PNG when using CMYK color space.