Tiger Model

I have started work on my first project.:yes: I have decided to try modeling a tiger.
Here is my reference image. I know its not a good reference but itll work. If someone can find me a better reference image that would be great. And yes I have searched google…So don’t say “Google is your friend.”
Some pictures of my model so far. This is just in like five minutes.
The model ontop of the reference.

I like what you’ve done so far. It’s good that you’re using mirroring as you model, this will save you a lot of time and effort later. If you want to get smoother and better results as you’re modeling you might want to try adding a subsurf modifier, this will allow you to control how much geometry you want to add or take away with a single click. I would also recommend studying some reference of tiger anatomy if you can get your hands on some. If not, other types of animals that are similar might help. If you are going to be animating this you should keep in mind as you model that you are going to want to model the overall structure around the muscles that are underneath the skin. This is best done by using edgeloops. Keep up the good work dude. :slight_smile:

I was thinking of modeling a Sumerian Tiger. I just took a lot of photos of a male, a female and her cubs yesterday at the zoo in Tacoma.
Your images aren’t there .
Any progress?