Tight clothes Mesh vs Tex

:o as some of you might know, I have been working on a character for some time… (for those who don’t, check the link in the sig)

:confused: As I wish to add more details (yes, I am far from happy with the current result) I was pondering the advantage of adding more vertex to an already heavy mesh (more than 300000 and counting) or simply painting details to suggest the presence of clothes… I am not a good painter :frowning:

:smiley: I uh… would like to add somekind of garter made of leather on the thigh, between the “pantie” and the top of the boots… Something very tight.

My question would be : up to what point does texture does the trick? and when should I model something even if it means adding 1000 poly to an overloaded object…

Nowadays with normal maps and bump it is hard to know when a skilled artist uses a texture to fake details or if he actually modelled them…

:confused: its not an easy choise and I suppose it depends on many parameters… does it need to be animated, or just for statics…

and as I don’t know what I want to do with that character, let says a little bit of everything…

:smiley: So before I start modelling tight undergarment, I might as well ask some pro for some advices…

texture will come anyway as far as i see it, but withthat high mesh that you have (300000…) you can make clothes aswell, will give alot better result! actualy id allso apply normal/bump and such maps as well.

I think it would depend on the output and the view(s) you choose:

If it is going to be animated or static and there won’t be any close ups, then I would say try the textures and maps. Basically, that is what they are great for.

If it is going to be animated or static and there are going to be close-ups (ESPECIALLY something like starting at the ankle and working your way up across the calf, past the knee, across the thighs, over the hip and on past the waist) then I would say model them.

I am of the mind that adding another 1000 polys or so to an already overloaded model is not that big of a deal. As long as your PC/MAC can handle it and the final output is going to be media (not a mesh-for-sale or whatever) then it only matters to you how much is “too much”, you know?

I didn’t read through your WIP thread, but I guess we should assume up to this point there are no textures on the model and only materials?

Hope that helps.

EDIT: Alright, I looked through the thread in your sig and judging by those screenshots, if it were me, I would model the undergarments just to keep up with the level of detail in the rest of the clothing and the headband. Those ties on the side of the bodysuit are modelled I assume. I can’t tell if the marks/tattos are painted on or not. Excellent model though!

:slight_smile: thanks for the advices… I will try a mix of simple mesh and more complex tex… wonder if that would do the trick…

then you realy will need to use the normal or bump maping to i quess :smiley:
what i mean is there is a great gimp plug in that is similar to the nvidias ps plugin that can great a normal map out of the color map :wink:

Compare with previous work (still under the sig) and you will see I added a lot more details without adding too much to the mesh (god bless subdiv)

Still have a lot of thing to add to the details before I am happy with (nails, buckle and the lot) I think I will add more pieces of armor on the thigh too.

I will use texture for the black lace I intend to make her wear.:o

I removed the texture, except for the hairs. Will redo the textures to take in account the new details. http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/7845/detailsyz1.jpg

Top notch work man! Those creases on the back of the knees (what is this area
called anyway?) look a bit unatural and slightly thicker than they should. Look a
bit like they’re melting or something, if you ask me.

Keep it up!

i agree with mathias, and if you look at her back the hole in the cloth/whatever is a little odd to IMO

:smiley: agreed on the knee… will take a look at ref of wrinkled spandex suits…

:rolleyes: about the hole in the back, is that because it is too regular? or just oddly shaped? (or oddly placed :p)
edit : or is that because it looks bulged outward?, or worse, all of the reason aforementionned mixed together :smiley:

all together, i think it should be more tight man, MORE TIGHT! ><

:smiley: now that you mention that, yes, it should be closer to the skin…

:oAs for the wrinkles, I think its time I try blendersculpt…

not a bad idea but remember to be careful with the sculpt, its a female face, you don’t want to ruin it accidentaly! ^^