Tight-fitting Cloth Animation

Hello blenderartists!

I am new to modelling/animation. I have been trying to make a simple animation of a girl performing a pirouette. I got through almost everything watching the tutorials available but one thing. I cannot animate the under garments no matter what I do. What I tried:

  1. Adding cloth physics: lots and lots of clipping. Sometimes part of the cloth gets inside the body mesh and everything crumples into a ball. It’s spectacularly weird to observe. Note that there are no mesh intersections in the first keyframe. I tried increasing the collision steps up to 50 but it still fails to give a decent result.
  2. I tried pinning the waistbands/other reasonable parts and parenting a bone(from the model’s armature) to it, a little less clipping, but still very noticeable.
  3. I tried parenting the under garments to the model’s whole rig with automatic weights but no matter how I adjust the weight-paint, skin comes out of the garments at animation time.
  4. I tried adding a shrink-wrap modifier, but still skin coming through the cloth.

Strictly speaking, I don’t need high-detail cloth physics on these cloths(like folding/wrinkling at the sides of underpants when you lift up your leg), I just want it to wrap around the body parts and the skin to stay inside of the cloths. Can this be achieved?

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Unless I’ve misread something this should work:

From: http://lucky3d.fr/auto-rig-pro/doc/auto_rig.html#skinning

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Works like a charm. Thank you so much.

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