Tile a floor

Probably a dumb question but I have searched FAQS & Gamekit book.
Q: Is this way to do it ?
I wish to tile walls & floors.

The gamekit book does explain tiles (page 251 of ISBN 1-59327-004-6)
I can’t make that work in the game engine.

I subdivided walls & UV mapped an image to each face -
that is definately the wrong way - very laborious.

Finally I UV mapped a small Image to a very large plane (see image below).
The method I used was - unwrapping to a cube.
Select Plane, Face Mode, Ukey, cube.
Then in the UV-Image window size & rotate.



I see nothing wrong on the picture, I guess it’s the right way to do it, but I think the subdividing the walls is necessary. you can just add the texture to the face and from the uv-image windows use scale…

Thanks for reply Xintocs,

I’m pleased with the final effect on the floor. It works.!
Might not be the best method.
Cube mapping a plane !??!
I’m going to UV map the walls again using the same method.
Unless someone tells me the correct or better way.

There is about 1500 tiles, I’m not going to subdivide & uv map each one.
It’s supposed to be the floor of St.Pauls Cathedral.


:smiley: Yeah, the second way you did was correct. For the floor since it’s just all repetative textures you UV a small image to a huge plane. Hmm, I guess cube unwrap works just the same if you only have 4 vertices. Usually for a flat object like the floor, I’ll look at it from top view mode and see the whole square and unwrap with “from window”, resize it and do the same thing you did.

For the walls you can essentially do the same thing for places that have the same repetative texture. For others like doors or windows you’ll have to tweak it so it matches up with the other parts of the wall that doesn’t have as many faces.

Jason Lin

Thanks Jason, nice Avatar -must make one soon.

I realise now that most unwrap methods will do the job,
doesn’t have to be cube unwrap.
The uv verts are adjusted to produce the tile effect.

I can also tile 2 or more faces ( more than 4 vertices), in the same uv image window. The uv verts have to be teased apart because they initially appear overlapped. see unteased Image below.


The floor tiles look ok but the repeating pattern on the brick walls looks unnatural - but that’s another topic.


Ive always just sized the bounding UV area bigger than the little image to repeat it. I thought this was the way to do it. With walls and ceilings too. Isnt this the best way to go about texturing tile style? IN some cases I was required to subdivide.