Tile range rendering

I’ve posted this in another thread, but I wonder if here is a more appropriate place.

Since Cycles already renders in tiles, would it be difficult to get it to render a specific range of tiles?

Say I size the tiles in such a way that there are 500 tiles in an image. If Cycles can be told to render tile 0-9, for instance, I could take my time rendering whopping stills in sections. 10 tiles today, another 10 tomorrow, and so on.

Is this tricky to do?

I guess you could just border render it in sections? I know its not the easiest, but if you start with the top 10% of your image, then next another time etc… then PS/GIMP it together?

if any student picks up the idea for this year’s GSoC, there might be a “Pause” option on the horizon…

Until then, border render sounds like an easy way to render in portions without any changes to blender itself. Or try renderfarm.fi

@zeealpal, thanks for the suggestion. There are various possibilities, but of all of them, my idea is the most practical in my case.

Since the code is almost all there, I was wondering how much more work it would be to write the code that would make a given range possible. It’s a very small job.

Border rendering in the tile size amount would be the way to do it at the moment… you could set it all up via python and script it all up.

Done. ~:-)

@doublebishop, I just noticed your posting. Perhaps it’s time I learned how to script Blender, then. Are you sure that border rendering is scriptable?

border rendering is definetly scriptable… its data access is under


and it works in percetages… so a 256x256 tile on a 1920x1080 render will be 0.13333 on the x and 0.2370237 on the y

doublebishop, thanks for the info.

Now I just have to figure out how to make it all work; being utterly ignorant of Blender scripting, the little research I have done so far makes it look like a monkey’s tea party on meth. Sigh. I will prevail.