Tile Selection For Large Renders?

I’m rendering an 8k image, fairly high poly count, good amount of VRAM usage. I’m also using a very high number of samples because of SSS and DoF. It has crashed twice after a few hours of rendering. I’ve calculated that it’s probably going to take 30 hours total.

My question is:
Is there any way to choose specifically which tile gets rendered first? I’d like to render them one at a time and stitch them together later.

You can’t choose which tile gets rendered first, however you can select part of your view and just render that.

Go into your camera view, press ‘Ctrl+B’ and create a border, then render.

Render Border
Border option in Dimensions Panel


Oh, that’s even better! Some parts of the image don’t need as many samples, so that will actually save a bit of rendering time. Thank you!