Tile Stamper 0.1 (a material node for seamless repetition tweeking)

Tile Stamper is a material node for blender 2.81 to avoid seamless repetitions on UV based textures.

It outputs two UV where you ll connect two instances of your texture and mix them with the MSK output.

you can see it in action here: video

It costs nothing, but if you want to drop some coins, i will push it forward to add more functionality. or drink a beer.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

ps:Textures included are from https://cc0textures.com


More to come:

  • ability to change stamp Shape
  • more UV output

ps: any suggestions and ideas are welcome


How To Use It

1. Append the material node group in your scene

2 . Add the newly appended group to your material

3 . connect your UV to the input

4. Connect two instanced seamless textures to the main UV and Stamp UV outputs

5. Mix the two texture’s colors with the MSK output connected to your Mix Factor.

change parameters:


UV Map : socket for object’s UV layout

Repeat UV : socket for numbers of texture’s repetitions needed

Rotate Texture : rotate your texture around center

OffsetX Texture : Sliding your texture on X axis ( relative to Rotated texture’s orientation )

OffsetY Texture : Sliding your texture on Y axis ( relative to Rotated texture’s orientation )

MSK Rotate : rotate your texture’s mask around center

MSK OffsetX : Sliding your texture’s mask on X axis ( relative to Rotated texture’s orientation )

MSK OffsetY : Sliding your texture’s mask on Y axis ( relative to Rotated texture’s orientation )

MSK Scale : change the texture’s mask size (avoid to scale more than the tile size)

MSK Space : change the distance between the texture’s masks

MSK Hardness : change the hardness of the black and white mask

MSK Noise Scale : change the noise’s scale on the mask

MSK Distortion : change the mask’s distortion ( 0.000 = Circle )

MSK Distor Details : add details to the mask’s distortion ( 0.000 = Circle )

( open the file to see example with a PBR node material)


New feature.
Outputed from the group the ability to control the mask shape distortion with 3 parameters.

Wow! @skuax Thanks for that. I will try this out soon and maybe be able to give some useful feedback. It’s hard to express the respect I feel for people like you who share their work for free with the community like this! Have a great day.

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it’s a pleasure to ear your kind of words. I’m in open source until a long time and i try to release everything for free and for knowledge. I m ready to explain everything i ve acquired since 25 years. and it 's an honor for me to share what was shared before. I just started gumroad’s stuffs yesterday. in a pay what you want or not idea. not sure if it s the right way…gonna try.
but be sure i’ll spend a lot of time to transmit and share the happiness of my way.

Here to say I just tested it following your video and it indeed works very well!!! My only questions is, I didn’t get any real physical displacement (I did subdivide my mesh quite a bit) and wondered if using a Normal in place would be just the same? For distance renders I would never need true displacement, but Normal Map would help in some cases.

For close ups I would definitely want real Displacement and in that case wouldn’t it be better to use the Modifer for physical Displacement of mesh? Just wanting to employ the proper use for those scenarios, and I am still learning Blender. Have around the same as you in years of using 3D, but Blender is WAY more powerful than anything I have used before for this type of design. Thanks again for your awesome Tile Stamper, can’t wait to try it in a real project to see how It works!

Here is a screen cap of quick test, no obvious repeat tiling on a 20m plane!

For normal maps you have to connect your two maps to a vector math node and set it to add. Then output the result in your normal map node as usual.
Time to lunch. See you
Ps: don’t forget to set your textures as non color data.

Sadly… you can not get out ftom a shader a texture for using it as real displacement map (for the moment I hope)

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