Tile texture paint


can someone help me? Does texture paint mode (or image paint tools in UV/image editor) with texture brush support tile function like using brush for sculpting? In sculpting tile function enables to treat the texture as a tiled image extended across the screen.

Such function would be very useful and welcomed in painting mode for brush painting with textures brushes.

I suppose it is already possible in Blender because it works with sculpting brush so why not with painting brushes. But I cannot solve how to set it up.

Thank you very much for help.

For painting a seamless tiling texture, while in texture paint mode, in the UV window, press C to get your tools, then press ‘wrap’ on your tool panel.

Ahhhhh… I did not know that! <Johnny Carson Voice> :eyebrowlift:

Modron, I am not sure whether you have understood me.

This is how tile texture brush (wood ring texture) works in Sculpt mode:

This is how the same texture brush works in painting mode:

And I need to paint texture just like tile brush for sculpting works, something like this “montage”:

Unfortunately it seems that Blender texture painting cannot work like this with texture brush even sculpting mode can. Strange?

Ahhhhh… I did not know that! <Johnny Carson Voice>

Thats funny…

instead of holding down the lmb, does it work if you just click once?

not a tile texture brush, just a wrap option. then whatever you paint, as you go off the edge of the canvas, it will wrap around to the other side of the image, thus making a smooth blend at the “seams” where the texture, when tiled onto the mesh, would normally be visible. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Texture_Paint

There is possibility to use clone tool for texture painting. So this is some kind of work-around. But it is not optimal. You have to export procedural texture as a picture, than load it to UV editor and use clone tools. Quite complicated.:spin: