tile textures mixing

made a mixing tileable textures test.
My bad I used 2 grass tiles. I hope this will not cause too much confusion

So… I successfully made 2 diffuse Bsdf with a color and a normal texture each.

the textures of the first BSDF repeat 2.5 times along x and y of my grid
the textures of the second BSDF repeat 3 times along x and y of my grid
the 2 BSDF mix using a mix shader with fac regulated by a BW texture (that is not a tile. it cover the entire grid).
At this point all is ok

Now I’d like to use the mix shader BW map also as bump map (imagine a traveled pathwell) or maybe another texture as normal map.
where can I add it?

Try a bump mapping node after the normal map with the normal map feeding into the bump normal. Alternatively maybe directly into displacement at the end might work, currently rendering out something so unable to test. The texture driving the bump doesn’t have to use the same coordinates as the rest.

thankyou Carl for your reply
I’m not sure to understand correctly your suggestion.
Should I use the big bump texture as bump for both BSDF before the mix node?

I’ll try to make my question more clear
the picture shows:

  • in red what I’d call a material (tough in blender this is not correct as the material is the result of the entire node as far as I’ve understund. it the bsdf node) made with a tiled texture1 for color and normal1 for normal or bump
  • in blu material 2 made of tiled texture2 for color and normal2 for normal or bump
  • green a bw mask (not tiled or tiled with a different number than red and blue) to mix the 2 “materials”

I’d like to know how to use green also as bump (in addition to the eventual already existing bump/normals in red and green)
I’d love to see a method that could be used to mix even more than 2 “materials” (color, bump, ecc…)