Tileable Texture Question

Hi there everybody!

I’ve got a questions.
I’m into game art lately and so I often see flats (texturemaps) that contain more then 1 tileable texture on them…
like a 1024+1024 texture with 4 512+512 textures or something like that.
An example is this: http://i.imgur.com/Y6ypv0V.png
Used like this: http://i.imgur.com/8bo6rNT.jpg
(done by Sojumekju @ polycount forum)
I chose this example, because you can still see a clear seam at the repeat of the texture… Like it’s used twice on the roof etc.

So can someone tell me how I need to setup the texture/UVs, that only a specific part of the texture is used to tile across a mesh?


  • Fenyce

You can make your textures (in its space) tile able by first creating it in seperate layers, remove seams and merge with your main texture atlas.
at the time of texture assignment, you need to be pixel perfect to adjust your uv’s over texture. Also, you’ll be needing more geometry to over come the tileable limit( since it’s not a single texture, it won’t tile, you need to split your geometry to make it work)

Ah, thanks, that means I’ll need to do a cut and a seam right at that point were I want the texture to start again… That’s what you mean by extra geometry, correct? Like cutting the wall at its half and then overlapp the uvs? Correct?

Yes, you are right about cutting the wall in 2pieces.