tiled and seamless textures gimp plugin!


i found a other best and faster resynthetiser plunin for gimp

Textureops plugin


Sharpen Feathering: increases the contrast of feathered regions of a layer to counteract the reduced contrast effect.

Make Seamless Texture: is a modified version of the standard GIMP plug-in “Make Seamless” that produces a more uniform output by adjusting for reduced contrast.

Synthesize Texture: is a script for synthesizing a tilable texture image of arbitrary size from a sample. It does this by randomly piecing together patches from the sample, disguising the edges using Sharpen Feathering.

soo :smiley:

All TextureOps plug-ins are very much faster than Resynthesizer mostly because they are so damn simple.

but this is SOURCE CODE and I don’t found windows binari or exe file on the internet :frowning: so if you have a compiled version post here PLEASE :smiley:


Looks promising. I hope it will be available for gimp 2 soon.

It is, just change gimptool-1.3 to gimptool-2.0 in the Makefile.

It is, just change gimptool-1.3 to gimptool-2.0 in the Makefile.[/quote]

you heve comoled windows version?
PLEASE post here :slight_smile:

Sorry, can’t help you with Windows.