Tiled Particle System

Is there a tutorial on using a particle systems to generate objects on to a plane where the first and last columns and the first last rows have matching objects w/locrotscale as the particles that are generated on the opposite side?

For instance: -x17 and +x17 would emit the same object with the same locrotscale
as would -x21 and +x21…and the same with -y11 and +y11 and so on.
I’m curious if this would work for making tiled textures and how well?
Corners might be an issue idk.

I am not sure exactly what you are asking for but the Array modifier has an option for a Start and End cap object. This means you could start a row with a unique object, repeat the source object and end the row with another unique object. Stack two Array modifiers on top of one another with the second one incrementing in the Y axis to form a plane.

I think seamless would better describe what I meant

if column(-)x matches column(+)x then it should appear seamless on the x axis when you bake the partcles to a plane as long as they have matching locrotscale. The corners might be a problem though I have not tried it to be sure yet. I don’t doubt there are better ways to make seamless images, but thought I would make the suggestion.