Tiles? Bricks? Planes? Spheres? Mirrors?

All of the above!! :smiley:

Just messing around, trying a few ideas, psyching myself up for the photorealism contest. Thought I’d show a couple of the less embarassing ones (ie. the ones without a table covered in frog spawn :o)

Here’s my interpretation of “spheres, planes, mirrors and tiles”: http://www.ectopia.net/safi/cliche3.jpg (about 83kB). I was most pleased with how the red and white sphere turned out.

Breaking out the spray paint: http://www.ectopia.net/safi/graffiti.jpg (about 103kB). I like fluorescent paint :slight_smile: (I have fluoro yellow, fluoro orange and fluoro red computers :D)

For both of these, all image maps were hand drawn in the gimp, so theoretically, they should be legal for the photorealism contest.

Incidently, anyone know if it’s possible to give a material more than 8 textures? I stopped work on the second image when I ran out of texture slots…

The first image looks great. I would suggest yuou get rid of the black horizon line though. Make the sky come right down to the floor level.

The second one needs some work. Sorry, but it just doesn’t look right at all.


First one is good. The texture looks a bit strange on top of the left sphere. Added it to my ‘sphere ona plane’ collection.

Second is not so great.

  1. pofo

Nice picture, I like it, but It is far from photerealism :slight_smile:

Too shiny, too plastic, too shadeless, no global light…

Same for second :slight_smile:

There are 8 texture on second image? I thought :
1 - Bumpmap
2 - Brick with paint


While I used the word “photorealism”, I made no such claims of those images :wink:

If I ever find a “soccer ball” bump map, I’ll probably have another go at that first one…

Yes, 8 textures in the second:
1 - brick/mortar large bump (for the depth of mortar and curved brick edges)
2 - brick/mortar small bump (for the surface texture of the mortar and bricks)
3 - brick fleck bump (for flecks of different stuff in the bricks - not very noticable)
4 - tiny procedural stucci bump
5 - paint drips bump
6 - brick/mortar colours
7 - brick fleck colour
8 - paint colour
That list is for the improved version (I realised after posting that I also didn’t like the second one), found here (about 142kB). The original had a second brick/mortar colour map instead of the paint drip bump, to try and create some extra variety in the colours of the bricks.