Tiles + Shadow Baking

I got a plane (that represent the floor) and I use a tiled brick texture all over it.

Now what I want to do is to bake 1 texture that contain my floor texture
(including the floor tiles) + the shadow of the objects that stand on that same floor,
so I can end up with a texture that contain the final baked result.

How can I bake that? Can someone give me a hint on this procedure, I try many combinations,
can’t get it working.

Tks in advance,


When you choose “Full Render” bake for your plane, all the textures and shadows on that plane will be baked to the image you have selected in the UV / image editor. Make sure you have unwrapped the plane and added an image to the UV is the UV image editor. Then in the Render controls on the Bake tab, choose Full render and click Bake.

If the Wiki is up you can learn more here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Render_Bake

This is the floor using tiles generated by my UV’s


Now when I bake that’s the result…


It’s not what I want, I would like to keep the same tiles as above BUT have the shadow of that cube on it… how can I do that? Cuz at the moment Im using 2 set of UV’s 1 for the tiles and the other one for my baking that’s where it clash I think…


One thing I am not clear about is how you are loading the original brick texture. It looks like you have it loaded simply in the UV/Image window. In my test, I loaded the brick texture as an Image texture for the material on my plane and set Map Input to UV. Then I backed Full Render to a blank image I had added in the UV/Image window. The only time I got the results that you have, was when I had not set the Map Input for the original brick texture to UV. I had it set to Orco and got a similar result with the brick texture being baked on a larger scale. Hope this helps.