Tiles under my upper kitchen cabinets look like they are too dark because of the shade

They are on an image plane. Can I use an emission shader without losing my textures to light them up and throw a little light under the kitchen cabinets? How do I do this? Do I need to go into the shader editor in 2.8? Thanks

Are you using Eevee? If so, there’ll be more options tweak comparing to Cycles. Can you share a screenshot of your render/viewport?

Don’t use emission shader to ‘lighten up’ your textures. Try to create a LED like lighting underneath the cabinets. Something like this:

I will post a picture later. I will place some area lights under the cabinets. I am using cycles. My GPU is not working so I am strictly on CPU. In Cycles is there an LED? Thanks filibis

I meant to make something similar to LED (Generally used in those situations). Very tin area light should work fine.

What about choosing the bottom panel of the upper cabinet in edit mode and selecting the lower face. It may be necessary to duplicate the face and separate by selection and scale it down in the direction of the length of the cabinet and changing it’s material to an emission shader. It may be necessary where cabinets have no overhang from the doors and the cabinet box.

How do you hide the light so you see the emission but not the physical area light if you use an area light?

Yes, you can use emission shader like that instead of area light. But emissive material might produce noisier results (I’m not sure about this). I use emissive materials only when there is specific object that emits light (Neon Lights for example).

I couldn’t understand this. Area light is already “hidden” to the camera, you can’t see its source.

Once the face of the cabinet bottom is chosen is there some way to convert it to an area light. Is there an addon that does this?

Oh, I see you ask for emissive material.
You can use this kind of setup to prevent emissive material to be seen by camera (And first mix Shader is to prevent emitting light backwards):

As well under ray visibility under object you can disable the camera. Do emissive lights turn your scene dark? Thanks filibis

No, it does quite the opposite :smiley: Why you think like that? (Don’t forget that you can increase the strength of the emission shader)

I had a scene where I added emissive lights to the room and it darkened the room. Some kind of light.

There might be something else causing such thing. Maybe you blocked your normal lights with that emissive object? It’s hard to tell without a .blend file.

Musgrave generator and incorrect use of contrast node (I’ve built a math based node group to avoid this problem) are the only things that comes to mind that can cause pure havoc unintentionally. Other than incorrect math setups or by deliberate means.

I thought Blender did this automatically. Lights put in a scene are meant to be turned on and at night in a darker scene the lighting effects can be seen when the environment is darker. By the way I put area lights under my upper cabinets as I don’t think I have ever had this happen with area lights. I will post a final render in the morning. I render at night because my GPU is shot. I plan on buying a Nvidia 1660 ti around Christmas. They are about 400 to 450 dollars here in Canada. Unless someone can recommend another brand that works with Blender3d, Rhino3d, and the Arnold Renderer. Any advice is welcome. I found this on the internet but have not read it entirely. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/92630/the-light-is-too-dark-even-at-a-high-value Thanks filibus and CarlG.

I forgot last night, but there is another way a lightsource can apparently darken the scene; if you have a large light source doing its thing then add a bunch of small ones (with MIS turned on for everything), the small ones will “compete in importance” so the large one wont get sampled as much. At least it used to be the case, I haven’t checked in 2.80 yet, and I don’t remember if this was mesh lights only or also lamps.

Thank you CarlG. This was in 2.79 that it happened. Here is a

new render. Let me know how I can improve it. I modeled the tiles in 3d with Mark Kingsnorth’s plating and greebles generator. A while back I used the addon to model the rounded tiles for a large arched window. Works great. See the last post here. tissue by Alessandro Zomparelli