could someone help me with modelling a floor/ toilet wall with tiles and grooves in between which may be thin or with wide grouting in between. originally in max one could do it with a blend material which used a mask map. how should one do it in blender?



personally i wouldn’t model all the grooves and ridges, itll take too much time. unless you want a close up with lots of detail. if you’re doing like a room, i would UVMap. search for a tutorial on it on google or here.

Just use a maskmap as you said.

Have a material of a complete tile with the grout and everything. Using a photo program, tile this material to a nice big size to fit your wall and make it look like you want your wall to. Then save it in two textures, one the original and the second as a bumpmap. On the bumpmap one, convert it to black and white and increase the contrast.

Now go in and put both textures on your material, setting the bumpmap on the b/w one with it’s Col turned off.

That’s what I did anyways.

What Enzoblue said except I wouldn’t tile the textures in a photo program, I’d just set the texture to repeat in Blender. But you should make sure the texture repeats by cloning the edges in a photo program.


There are 3 tiles plugins there, Tiles, CeramicTiles and R_Tilings.


thanx a lot …yesterday i did my first commercial render of a house for a client and they couldnt believe it was in blender. thanx once again for the tips just can w8 2 try them out!