Tiling a texture with bump in Cycles?

I’m sure this is easy and I have googled but still not found out how to do it in cycles. How do i make the floor texture tile so that the planks are smaller on the plane? Tried scaling the plane up in the UV/Image Editor but there is no difference.



Any updates will only show up when you change back to object mode.
In the node editor you can also seed the output from the texture coordinates node into a mapping node

Great! Thank you! I tried the Mapping node before but I thought it would be placed AFTER the Texture node, and then it just messed everything up.

But I think it is a bit strange that if I change the display method from Rendered to Texture I can see that the texture is tiled and updates when I scale it up or down in the UV/Image window. But it’s still not tiled at all when I render it. Even if I exit Edit mode it’s still no tiling at all going on. The only time it looks right is when I enter Texture mode. I must be missing something. But the mapping node solved my problems so I guess it’s all good now! :slight_smile:

You need to connect the “UV” output from the Texture Co-ords node instead of the “Generated” one.

Aha, thanks! And then I don’t need the Mapping node since it get’s the scaling of the texture from the UV-unwrap instead, right? Seems to be working! :slight_smile: