Tiling an image without using subdivisions or cube projection

Is this possible? Is there a way in the UV editor to tile an image for say: a floor for example without having to subdivide and unwrap each one thus creating more geometry? The cube projection does tiling but the images are so small, the camera can’t see them.

Post a blend file and we will take a look at it, but it sounds like you just havent scaled the UV’s properly.

Here are the files. Also I must say that I am very basic at the UV stuff, still learning it. I don’t know how to properly scale the images or get them from overlapping. I’m used to using smart UV project, but I notice it doesn’t work too well here.

arch2.blend (493 KB)

Here’s a square image. That might work a lot better.

This one certainly is tileable.

You can scale your UVs in the uv image editor window and set the Texture Image Mapping to ‘Repeat’

or in the Texture Mapping settings increase the size values