Tiling select parts of a texture, not the whole thing?

Hail fellow Blenderheads, I have a question. I’ve been looking and learning recently, and I came across a tutorial, in which the author has only part of the texture designated as tiling, while the edges are unique. My question is simple: Can Blender do this, and how?

See image; between the lines is tile-able, while the upper and lower portions are not. How do I set specific tiling parameters inside a texture?


This gent seemed to take if for granted that such a thing could be done, so I’m rather curious about the fact that I haven’t seen this technique before.

Think of it as three textures that tile across. To use that map you need three quads, top, middle and bottom.

The easy way is to map say the middle section to one of the quads, and then just duplicate that quad multiple times. Each one will be seamless with the adjoining face.

The harder way is to start with a long quad like a wall, In the uv editor, pin the two left vertices of the quad to left side of the map and then unwrap. The face will extend way past the side of the map, but in doing so will tile multiple times.

Cool, it occurred to me that might be the way.

Thanks for the clarifying.

you can actually crop textures in the blender texture settings, but it’s slow, and it takes a lot of trial and error.
instead, just crop the image tileable, save it as a new image, and use that.