tiling textures with texture paint

Hi guys, i’ve tried searching the forum but could not quite find what i was looking for.

How does one go about creating a tiling brush on texture pain?

I’ve got a picture i want to use as a brush that tiles pretty well but cannot seem to find a way acomplish this in the texture paint mode.

I’ve set the spacing to 100% but it doesn’t seem to help, is the effect possible to accomplish?

Have you set an image that has an alpha border ?
I will have to try when I get home, but I have only seen a successful option when using a texture as a brush in sculpt mode, not in paint mode. The spacing when using the paint tool in the UV image editor works for me when I use custom brushes that have an 0 alpha border to help separate.

I tried it out, making a square brush with a separate scene in the same file, named the png alphasquare, and then switched back to my painting scene. I set the fall off all the way off and upped the opacity. I included the blend with the packed images below. Not sure if this is what you want.


test_alpha_brush_tileable.blend (424 KB)