Till The Fat Lady Sings

Hi everyone!
I haven’t done any 2d work in a while, so I thought I’d have a go at something I’m not accustomed to… unusual body types… I also wanted to try something a little more cartoony/caricaturish…
My idea was to try and make a large woman that was still attractive in some ways yet very tacky in others…
This is only the rough line work, I plan on doing a full painting. I haven’t detailed the hands and the cloth will be revisited a few times along with many of the curves.

…lol. Somehow I think that it would not be too hard for you to get into an art career. Very promising sketch.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve been working professionally for 4 years and have been drawing my whole life. I use to only want to be a comic-book artist… then I ended up getting into 3d… so I have to squeeze in a project like this every now and then to remind me of my roots.
My other stuff is at my page… www.protechcreations.com
Hopefully I’ll get my Blender stuff to a state that I’m not embarassed to show it :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh… I finished the fingers and hands and after I clean the lines I’ll refine the curves and post line work for critique prior to coloring. I’m not sure what background I’ll do… suggestions?

Have you been to http://www.webcomicsnation.com - there is a lot free show artists there with some good work,and some horrible ones. It’s a good place to get ideas from, and ascertain what level you want to be at. I did notice that some authors present a set of maybe 3-4 images every week or so as a serial. Like you I also want to be a comic book artist . . . . but I need to work on it.

Meantime I had look at your website - it’s quite cool although I found that you tended to have a few completely different genres in the same pool. I must admit that all of them are deservedly there.

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

My site is a mix of personal and professional works. I keep meaning to get a separate URL but for now it will stay that way :confused:

I didn’t want to bump this thread but since I posted this image elsewhere with some heavy blacking done, I thought I might provide a link for any who may be interested.
Thanks for looking.