Tiltbrush and Blender

Does anyone use Tiltbrush to 3D draw with and then import to Blender?

This software looks like something i would love to use to 3D draw with.
You seem to be able to save the Tiltbrush file as .fbx file that i believe can be imported to Blender. Has anyone done this?

I downloaded a (tiltbrush) FBX file from Sketchfab to try to take a look at it in Blender and got this error message…“ASCii FBX not supported” Any ideas about hoe to solve this?

I would be fascinated to hear everyones ideas on 3D drawing in Tilbrush and Blender.

Hi Chris,

maybe this will help you to convert the FBX File to FBX 2013 Binary wich could import directly in blender.


There’s a free autodesk fbx converter you can use to convert to binary fbx blender can import. Don’t know anything about Tiltbrush yet BUT I am getting a VIVE tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thanks Hover the fbx converter worked. Enjoy your VIVE tomorrow and if you try Tiltbrush let me know what its like?
The colour data was lost and all the faces looked funny. But i guess i will have to improve my object editing skill t correct al that.
Or maybe i should convert the fbx into a different file format?

I know im a few years late, but you can change the FBX in the config file for Tilt Brush from Ascii to Binary

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