Tilted Viewport

I’ve just started using blender and so far the only preferences I’ve messed with is going from Trackball rotation to Turntable rotation. I wasn’t at all satisfied with the trackball rotation and much prefer the turntable style rotation. However, when viewing my scene now after having messed with the view rotation in trackball mode, everything is lopsided and tilted. Is there a way to reset the tilt of the view so that the view is level with the ground?

yea the num buttons 1 and 3 put you back to front and side veiw,7 does top view

no no…what I mean is, lets say I view the default cube from a distance using perspective view and I am looking at one of the cube’s sides, the horizon is tilted, like the view is leaning. How do I set the perspective view to be level again? Viewing the top and sides does make the view level, but only in orthographic view, not in perspective view.

You can try NUMPAD-5 for orthographic view.

But if by “horizon” you mean the grid floor, it’s never going to be “level” when you’re in a “user” view (i.e anything rotated from a “top/right/left” … etc) view … or from a non-orthogonal camera view for that matter

If you NUMPAD-5 doesn’t help, you’ll have to explain further what you’re trying to do


I had this same problem before and no one seems to be able to correct this!

In summary you end up with 3D view has it’s Z amd grid with a tilt

this probably happen after you press the 0 for the camera
don’t know why this happen

to correct the tilt

To bring back the 3D view Z axis and grid vertical again just press on - * Star - Keypad

i think this should solved the problem