Tilting maze help pls

Hi, I’ve been trying to use the physics engine in blender to create a basic maze game like this one . . .


Modelling and texturing is no probelm, but when I make my ball a dynamic object I was hoping it would roll with the plane. i can control the movement of the plane but the balls movement is all weirdy beardy.

I’ve looked all over for some info but am left banging my head in frustration. I would really appreciate it if someone could point out where I am going wrong.

.blend file here

Um, geocities suck so I had to zip it even though it was only small.

Cheers in advance


Check if your ball have the ACTOR- Dynamic- Rigid Body buttons

ok i moved the walls out of the way to concentrate on the floor and the ball… they both seem to be corrupt somehow, so i remade them… remaking things usually fixes bugs like these… this case was no excepetion, its fixed =)

-i remade the ball and redid its properties… all i did to the defualt game properties was click on rigid body

  • i remade the floor and gave it a new floor material keeping the dyn properties the same(0.5 FRICTION)… and i made the floors rotation slower to get rid of bouncing and add more control… i also put the gravity up to 16 in the world settings

everythings a go, its working perfectly =D its looking cool too, nice job
heres the fixed blend:


i didnt pack the textures cause i figured u have them already =)

see ya

Thanx very much :smiley:

Its working just how I wanted.

I never realised objects could be corrupt, but now I’ve got a new fiddle to try.

Cheres again