Tim Burton Character (Update: facial animation test, pg 2)

Hi, ever seen the Corpse Bride, Tim Burton’s latest movie?

Well, I’m trying to model a character from, it
so far i think it looks pretty good, yet im stuck

I don’t know how to do the hair
any comments, suggestions?


Well hey! I’M impressed!

Hey thanks, I’ve discoverd its one thing to model and another to animate
I had planned to make the fat father of victoria, but his face is too complex,

originally i had planned to animate vincent, but…

for now i just plan to finish him

too bad my exams comming up :frowning:

Wait- Vincent from FF7??? Do you have a link?

Reading… it’s beautiful, isn’t it? :wink:

Great job on the model, by the way. For the hair, you’d probably be best off modeling as a single solid-ish block… like you’d do in clay.

Very cool. Great job.

Only suggestion might be to try and pull back the join on the eye lid - the eye ball looks like it’s being eatten by pac-man in the first shot :wink:

Really nice start you have here.

I will be watching this one.


Whoa, impressive!
Did the black around the eye come with the modelling or did you texture this one?

Very good. I’m especially impressed with the mouth and the nose, it would be great to see the mesh (and steal it :wink: ). I’m looking forwards to seeing it finished!

thanks for your comments,

I agree, his eye does look like its being eaten by packman

The black around eyes in the second image is post pro,
more for comparing the two images. The top image is
a pure render

It looks like you’re on the right track, but I think the ears are the wrong shape and too far away from the head right now.

Keep it up,

WOW, That guy who posted the Toon-Charcter should look at your work! You really pulled this guy off! I like!

Hey, some updates on vincent


Started doing clothing:


Wow, with the clothes it’s just amazing.
D you know what you’re going to do with the hair?

Yes so far its looks fantasitic. Should look very good when its done.

hi, im not too sure what to do with hair, so im leaving it last.
I plan on modelling it rather than particles

Interestingly enough the movie was made with puppets, however
the promotional website uses CG characters

I’m using the stucci texutre and very small noise size
and NOR as well as low spec and hard, it gives clothes
that “soft” look. The movie is almost grey and white,
i’ve added color to my image, although its dull
i think its better than brighter colors


what do you think

looks very good. Better than the original. Finnish him please.

wow wow wow :wink:
really really cool.
i’ll watching you :wink:

thats outstanding man!!! so well done, i take my hat of to you :smiley:

The red undershirt look a bit plastic. Other than that… Faboulus! :o