Timber Frame Home - Personal Project

This is my recent personal project (well, I finished it a few months ago and moved on already). The house was designed by Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes. I tried to create natural lighting and atmosphere. Rendered in LuxCoreRender (which I really like). Some of the add-ons I used are: The Grove 3D for trees, Scatter for grass, Archipack for the house. C & C are welcome. Cheers!


bravo :clap:

@Taka Amazing work you did! Can you post render settings and node setups for LuxCore render? Thanks.

Thanks BD3D, your add-on is great too!

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Thanks odil24! Most of settings are pretty simple. Any particular setting you’d like to see?

Nodes for grass, brick and trees?

Grass and leaves are Glossy Translucent (Double Sided turned on). Most materials use Disney Material (PBR). For the stone wall I used Triplanar Mapping, and I tried Displacement but the corners didn’t look good so it’s disconnected as you can see.

That is really nice result the first image look very realistic.

Can I add the first image to our gallery at https://luxcorerender.org/gallery/?
If yes, please tell me the name and website I should use to credit you.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Absolutely! I’ll be honoured. You can just use my name Takashi Imai. I’m in the process of creating portfolio site so If you can add it later, that’ll be great. I’ll contact you in the LuxCore forum.

Thanks Bart! I’m honoured!

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Sure, contact me anytime.