Timber Framing texturing


I want to make a tutorial on how to make timber framing joints. I have been looking for Blender tutorials on how to apply textures but non of them shows how to apply several textures to different sides of an object. At least I didn’t find any that does.

We all know that wood grain has a certain direction and a timber beam naturally has the grain running down the length of the beam. But at the edges of the beam on both sides the textures needs to be of tree rings to look real. So I basically need one texture of wood on 4 sides of my 3D beam and one tree ring texture on two sides (the beam’s edges).

So, how do I go about this? I have never used textures before and I am comletely new to Blender. My experience with 3D modeling all comes from Wings3D. But I have a feeling that this is much simpler to do than what most of you guys are doing in terms of texturing. Any help would be much appreciated.

Just got back into modeling and will be using timber framing exclusively (1760-1840 time frame) for a shipyard and equipment. (not ships initially)
How did you make out? Did you develop any?

first thing would be to find some good UV images
on internet or do you own photos

then you can use UV wrapping and add your images to beam’s sides and ends

you can also add in nodes setup a random value
so when you make copy it wont look the same!

good luck

happy bl

Do you have an example of what it is supposed to look like and what the modelling approach to it is?