Time and cost to develop a 3D robot model from drawing

Dear all, we (my grandpa and I) have a project. We want to develop a video game about different robots. Could someone tell us, how much work it would be to build a 3D model from the attached drawing? My grandpa is a programmer and can do coding but does not know much about blender (almost nothing). Thank you very much for an estimate and any hint or help!

Well it can depends on many things :

  • First of all, the level of detail you want your robot to be, it’s just a low-poly model, it wouldn’t take much time and effort to make for most of the people who are confortable with Blender.
    However, if you want an high-poly model, with many polygons and details included, to be as close to the realism as possible, this would take quite a lot of work. :sweat_smile:

  • Then if you want to have textures and materials, it will add to the effort to make, even more if you want something realist.

  • It depends also if you want the rig to be included, as it is not always easy to do.

But I have to say something, the drawing you have included is hardly understandable, I can’t figure out what shape does what and most importantly for a robot, what are the joints that make the robot rotate certain part of his body to move the legs or arms… :wink:

also welcome here



to me the question seems a bit ambiguous and you might perhaps not realize the complexities of such a project, so pardon a bit of a complex answer.

  • first off, generally speaking when providing a concept art of a character, usually we want to have at least two pictures - the front view and the side view. Otherwise it is too much of blanks to fill, and the result might not match your idea too well.

  • Regarding the price I think this is a good article to give you an estimate about “professional” prices (and even the time it takes) https://kevurugames.com/blog/character-design-cost-what-shapes-the-price-and-how-to-choose-a-company-worthy-of-your-project-extended-checklist/
    That said, freelancers and enthusiasts will often work for much less or even for free, so the prices can REALLY differ marginally (but so can quality of the result of course…:slight_smile: )

  • It really depends on what you intend to do with the character. Is it supposed to also have some complex movements? If so the model would also need to be rigged (supplied with a skeletal structure of sorts, that allows to move and animate different parts, which can be super complex and time-consuming if done in enough detail). Or will it just slide across the floor somewhere or even be simply stationary? How much detail do you need? Is it supposed to be photorealistic? Cartoonish? Or something low poly? Knowing more about the project would really help answer more accurately.

  • Or were you wondering how much time it would take to learn the basics of 3D modelling and create something like that of your own?


Hello !

It shouldn’t be too complicated for an experienced user to build something simple based on your drawing. You can count for something like a week to have something with colors and ready to animate.
Similar to this :

But of course , some things are a bit missing in your drawing. How about the hands, side view ?
How the mechanical parts functions ? It’s hard to tell from here.
The more precise your drawing is, the more precise the result will be. But you can let someone decide and make these choice for you while modeling.

What about learning all this ?
You can use blender and try to redo the character by assembling cubes and basic shapes.
This may not be enough to use that robot in your game. You may have to redo-it a bit cleaner latter but by keeping it simple and experimenting you may find your way around.

It’s also possible to make a simpler design :

Because the shapes are simpler, it’s easier to build, and also easier to animate.
Of course , this one has more details than the first one I posted but these can be simplified.

Good luck, sound like a funny project !

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