Time Beacon :The Lost Letter


I recently entered a speedgame comp and decided to use the Blender GE…The comp ran over two weeks…but I was finishing off art on another game, so I only had 10 days to get an entry ready.

This small game is the result. I know it is not much…but I am impressed with what I got done in so little time.(with no credit to me…but to the Blender GE for the speed you can develop at)

Everything was done from scratch…and the day before I had to enter, I realised the textures I used was not allowed…so I had to redo all the art on the last day…stressssss!:yes:

Some screens:


Basic Storyline!

The game is set in the future where time travel is possible. The player works for a company called Important Events Control. IEC monitors Time Beacons…devices that continually compares data accumilated from the past with present data. If inconsistencies arrise, it is IEC’s responsibility to sort it out.

A known criminal orginisation has intercepted the letter Paul sent to Galatia. It is your responsibility to retrieve the letter and correct any data inconsistencies caused by them.


Well im not sure exactly what your computer specs need to be…but you do need to be able to use GLSL and have a decent spec comp!

DOWNLOAD HERE:http://shakedownmedia.com/html/timebeacon.html

File is about 8mb

I used Anrew101’s great mouse theory tutorials to learn from, to create the rotation for the player…I am still learning python…so other than the tiny bit of python for the player…99.9 % is logic bricks…:wink:

Last thing…it is best to run the game as an exe. in window mode …then the interface I made frames the game!..otherwise you can see beyond where you supose to be able to see…and you do have an advantage over the enemies…and with so litle time…and all done in Logic Bricks…The AI is not that smart…:no:

All feedback is very welcome…:smiley:


Hey there Shakedown,

Nice game you have there. Static sprites are a little pain but overall presents really, really good. I like its simplicity and love how camera shakes when you get hit.

Are you going to develop it further? I think you should.


awesome game it runs pretty good for me but the character sometimes walks by himself.But i love the way the camera shakes when you get hit.


Thanx for the feedback!

slukas…I would like to develop it further into a full top down shooter template(when I have some time again:))…and yeh…the static sprites are a pain…I have actually done some animation for them but have not implemented it!..I never had enough time in the 10days to complete the animations!..:slight_smile:

wwk…not sure about the walking thing…havnt had that complaint before…the bricks all seems fine to me…:). The camera shaking thing you see more in FPS games…but there are some top down shooters that use it…actually…Tank Wars used it!

nice game, “stylish” graphics!
The “static sprites” don’t bother me, it could be a style, like others…but the character’s position not matching the movement direction its quite annoying to me!
Anyway its a good work, specially for ten? days!

This game is great! Graphics are awesome! Love this game. Is it a completed one?

Really cool=) Brings back childhood memories of Loaded/Re-loaded!

I killed everyone in the first level, and it said I was only 50% through. Otherwise a good simple game. The fact that you made this in 10 days makes it an excellent example of what can be done with blender. Love the flashlight, looks really good in top view.

Wow, this game is awesome! It would be great if you developed this further

Hey guys! Thanx for all the feedback…much appreciated! :yes:

OTO…not sure what you mean with the characters position not matching the movement direction…do you mind explaining that a bit more?
EDIT…ok think I know what you saying…been round this issue for a while!..To match the player up with the movement, the best way is to drop mouse controll and then rotate the player with “a” and “d”…but then you lose some accuracy with shooting…if you match it but keep mouse controll it gets even more confusing…I have seen quite a few games following this type of controll scheme I used…but It takes a bit of playing to get used to it…I am a convert now!:slight_smile:

JesusFRK14…yeh its a finished game!..3 levels! But made in such a way that you can add more chapters in the future!

Onklheinrich…Dont know Loaded/Re-loaded!..but will check it out…thanx!

Gomer…yeh…the most important thing in the level is to find one of the three parts of the Letter…Pick it up with the E key, that restores the other 50% of the data…:yes:

Mentalturkey…Thanx…hopefully I can flesh it out as a decent top down shooter template!

Ok, great, then I’ll add it to http://blender-games.webs.com :smiley:

the main charitor looks to bright

This looks awesome!
Great job!