Time Bubble- working title.

This game has such a cool plot.

The problem is, i only have one room, no monstors or robots, no effective weapns, no charactar. I have been workin on this for some time. But I am not discouraged since it is a very cool plot, and what is fixing to be a good game. :cool:

After all that bragging about the plot, here it is. (doom 3-timeshift-ish, no?)

You are a scientist working for the government, testing a time machine. You take the time machine to 3000 AD, and find yourself in a large facility crowded with monsters and robots, unleashed by a mad scientist.

so you basically have a plot and a room? what exactly is it that you want from the community?

If you need help with somethin you should post a question and if you’re going to announce a game, PLEASE (as Social has said many times before) post a screenshot.

Sorry, :o.

well, at least you’ve got ambition and something to start with. keep working on it, maybe it will become a demo someday = )