time code overlay in VSE?

Is there a simple way of achieving this? Really I’m after a way of displaying the frame number and shot number, but to be honest I’d be happy with anything. If I were to do this in After Effects it’d take me all of half a minute.

It will only take you 10 seconds in Blender. Click Stamp.

Yes, quite right you are! Thanks for that.
Now I’ve got another one: is there any way to customise it?
like, for instance, padding on the frame count, or not have the word “frame” or “strip” on the stamps?


hmm, there seems to be a bug with stamp where disabling some elements kills the rendering of the others. But saly no TC formating is available.

And would be REALLY usefull to have the stamp overlay in the sequencer preview window.

It seems the link to stamp feature in the documentation you provided is no longer kept up. Is there a way to have a timecode overlay in the VSE in blender v2.93?
I don’t know how bad it is to bump up this topic, but I thought it was preferable to starting a duplicate thread.