Time Counters

Hello guys,

Im following this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhsnT5Ty0TY to make a time counter and a counter for objects collected to my game. I followed all the steps he’s doing, however it not working… it migh be because when i go to unwrap the plane to creat a real time text, the square has some points inside her edges ? Ex -

… i cant do it buy a text? exists a easier way to make that counter?

You should look for bitmap text as this is what you are talking about (rather then counting).
From what I see the uv-square should cover the @-symbol. Make sure not to touch the dots at the top lines of the texture.

Don’t move, rotate etc. the mesh from the plane’s point of origin. This will offset the font.
In UV, enable snap to pixel and Unwrap around the first character (in this case “@”).
Enable “Text” in the material options.
Make sure that the bitmap font texture is set to UV Unwrapped, not Generated.

thanks for ur attention guys ! Ill see if i can solve that :wink: