Time for a holiday me thinks.

Hey all.

I never get any time to finish projects so during a slow work week, I stumbled on this and it decided to try my best to do it in blender.

Any CC’s are welcome. (yes i know the cart isnt completely on the ground but i didn’t notice it till the five hours of rendering were up)


First of all I want to compliment with you for the subject that is beautiful
and for the fact that you’ve worked using a reference (even though in this case yours is a reproduction so it’s quite obvious).

Now a list of critiques :p:
Easy one (you’ve just said that): the cart wheel is not touching the ground, but its arm is penetrating it.
I find colors too much saturated and contrasted. One of the things I set when I aim to realism is the saturation and contrast in relation with the light, weather, season etc… I usually take references for this.
Sky and sea color have too much greenish like color.
Textures are too small, you can see it in the left wall where everything is too much blur.
Water puddles are a bit strange, they seems not follow the floor slope/shape. Probably you should also work with a reflection map of the floor.
The humidity mold is not generated on the walls illuminated by the sun. In your reference image it’s plaster to fix a long crack not mold.
The texture and color of the little bricks wall look very poor.
The water drain duct (???) on the floor does not interact with the floor itself. It looks meaningless.
The image is very dark, it seems as it is a closed road, as if the photographer is cornered with a very high wall behind him, while it is not in the original reference picture.

I took the liberty to play with your image in PS to best explain what I mean with some of the things I’ve listed such as saturation and contrast. Maybe I’ve downtuned too much sat, resulting in a spring scene rather than a summer one, but consider that in your scene there is a saturation/lighting inconsistency between multiple elements, and I don’t have time to play with all of them one by one, so I’ve gave them an overall value.
All I’ve said is based on my personal preferences. Free to agree or disagree.

Very nice, man!

That looks much less OP. This was my first attempt at full post-pro so I can see where I went overboard. THanks for those tips.

For reference, Here is the dry render: