Time for me to move on

This is more of a message of goodbye. Just recently I decided to take a small part of my savings and put down a smart investment in lightwave. This this something I should of done perhaps a while ago, but getting out of the blender habbit is not so easy to do. However, my recent hassles with blender’s insane radiosity system and bugs have driven me over the edge at this point, and it is rediculous for me to go on when I clearly want something better (and reliable!).
It was not the insane way of re-breaking up your mesh and texturing that was the kicker, but that bug that just keeps coming up, where despite all your objects are converted to mesh, some objects in that mess just disapear in the actual render, leaving behind only their shadows! This has happened to other people too, and I have tried every trick in the book to figure out a way past this.
I wish other’s luck who want to persue this, but I have had it. I will most likely visit here time to time for a bit before I totaly drop out. But you can find me on the lightwave forums in the next month no doubt.
Take care all, I hope you guys do a lot more for blender when it comes open source than NaN did.

I have had that same problem, my fix for it , i dont use it. Instead i use alot of lamps with little power. Works for me. Well see ya around

well cya around, come back in a year or so and maybe that will have changed, for the better. have fun with lightwave. :smiley:

congrats on buying lightwave, I’m sure you’ll like it. I use it at work everyday and I like it. If you have any questions about it feel free to PM me. Cya later, and good luck. :smiley:

DAK , congrat !!

I think I will never leave Blender, but I have recently myself
been looking towards LW and have also ordered “Inside LW 7”,
so within this and next week it will arrive…it will be much fun !!

Good luck…and we might even stumble over each other in the forums
at NewTek’s or other places :slight_smile:

The loss is ours man. Wish you well!

It sounds like you’ve made a smart move carrier wise.
Why be limited by the software if you don’t half to be?
Hopfully the comming year will see some meaningful
improvments to Blender, but it should never be an obsticle to
furthering you art.

Good Luck
And keep us updated on your work!

I am moving to LW, but I will never Leave Blender. I could run LW on one of machines only, Plus I use SGI boxes, so Blender will be on the rest of the Boxes and LW on my PowerMac G4. Once I figure how to export from Blender to LW I will be in the house.
Plus Blender is Free so you can always come back.

good choice in choosing lightwave! that program is way above and beyond… i absolutely love how all of the plugins are built in ,and theres sooo many… i love everything about it, cept learning the modelin system, its hard but im getting there… for now whilei learn , i just import blender models and play with everything… good luck with it! definitely keep blender around =D

Would using another renderer (I’m thinking 3Delight) be a workaround?

its funny, but I have the opposite problem. I model everything and anything in lightwave, but I struggle with blenders modeler.

Yeah, I had the same problem too, but then I realised that This was occuring because I was using blender 2.?? (can’t remember which ver it was) to do the radiosity calcs. Switching back to 1.8 made things A LOT more reliable.

Either way, Blender and radiosity equals a hell of a lot of frustration :smiley:

Great choice of software too, Lightwave is the only other app that I would use apart from Blender.

Sorry to see you go dude, but I wish you lots and lots of fun with lightwave :wink:

LW is probably a smart choice. Otherwise I’d go with SoftImage if I could afford it. Hope you’ll enjoy the LW forums, then! At least you’ve got the holy dude exnihilo hanging around there. Good luck!

What about Cinema 4D?

Choosing Lightwave was a good idea, I like Softimage XSI much better though…

XSI is for those rich dudes…waaaay more expensive than LW !!!

I’m sorry to see you go DAK! Best wishes.

(And make sure to check up on Blender every once in a while… who knows how much and in what ways it will improve after it goes open source. :))

Or for the people who order the experiance cd :wink:

Or for the people who order the experiance cd ;)[/quote]

well I got both XSI and LW demo CD’s , but XSI docs uses Java and it didn’t work on my machine so I got tired by it…LW is a flawless stuff :wink:

and btw, I am not even student or educator :-?