Time for new benchmarks?

I just did a search for benchmarks and noticed the last one was back in February. Thought I’d ask if it’s time for another one since things have changed a bit?

Not sure if anyone has a good .blend that could be used or really what would constitute a good test for a simple benchmark. I know the benchmark that is internal to blender relies heavily on your video card alone which pretty much means nothing for render times.

Was just curious about this because I’ve finished upping my overclock a bit and had been testing it in SiSoftSandra. I’ve also been curious about how much of an effect stability has on rendering. I use Prime95 to test my stability to the point of error free for 24 hours. But blender pushes a system to the same kind of degree in many instances, causing system temperatures to rise. If your system generated an error while rendering would it crash blender? Or would it cause annomalies in the final render?

The other thing I’ve noticed was that I can use up my memory a lot faster than back in the old days. Seems like I can run out of memory in about 5 minutes with certain renders and others can take much longer. Back when I first started using blender on my 500mhz celly with only 128megs of ram it could take a full day before the system might run out of memory. I remember others leaving their systems for 3 or 4 days to finish rendering a scene, talk about patience!

Anyways just some thougts and questions.

Well, there is dotblend’s benchmark:


yeah i have not had time to create another benchmark file.

if someone wants to create another benchmark file then i will be happy to host it on my site.

a benchmark file can normally be zipped to about 400 Kb, without problem.

i still have the last two files on my server, so a new benchmark post can link to them also and add a third to the mix.

also there is dotblends benchmark of course.

don’t know what people prefer or not. but i like the idea of his website and a results thing. would be nice to have that as a form or somthing though :wink:

i can donate my blender logo characters to the next benchmark if someone wants to ue them in a scene they create for a benchmark

have fun guys, thats the only thing i ask :wink:


Hmm yeah dotblends bench mark consumes far too much time by the looks of it. I know you posted the last one Alltaken. I think those which don’t take more than 10 minutes for people would be best.

I think it should incorporate a bit of raytracing and heavy shadow work.

I’d be willing to make a nice table and host it. Be very handy to compare render times with various components. Only hard part would be getting specific information from people about what they have in their systems. There are things like the memory timmings and the frequency of their processor which would make quite a difference in some instances.

Guess I’ll start getting a new benchmark file ready to go then hehe :slight_smile: