Time for peace at elYsiun?

I don’t really often start threads like this, discussional ones, I mean. But I am afraid that things are quietly going too far. I know this isn’t the first thread on the subject, but please, take your time to read this through and perhaps reply.

More and more often serious threads turn to spam due to several reasons. A new type of threads are political threads. This clashes with the netiquette, which advises not to discuss political subjects on public forums. Due to the huge variety of opinions, some will clash and often, a flamewar is inevitable.
Another kind of thread is one where someone posts something stupid and the entire forum concentrates on flaming him. I’m reminded of a thread somewhere named “How many forum members does it take to change a lightbulb” that went along the lines of: “1 to change the lightbulb and post about it, 3 to share their thoughts, 20 to flame them, 42 to flame the flamers, etc.”

So I propose we all try to back off a little and think before we post. If you have nothing to say, don’t say it! Also, imHo the moderators should try and prevent spam and flamewars as much as possible. If you see a provoking post, delete it. The forum will thank you. Let’s leave K15 alone and ignore flamebait, let’s all do our part to once again make elYsiun the best community out there (like it was in the times when the galleries still existed and dinosaurs roamed the earth ;)).

I would personally like to apologize to valarking, Kansas_15 and anyone else I may have offended with my thoughtless posts. Valarking, no kidding, one day we should sit down, grab a beer and talk this stuff over. I will now think before I post and try to improve my image. I hope others will follow.

Please share your thoughts on this, if there are any. At least I got mine off my chest.

Well I’m not a scientist but it seems that most of the flaming occurs in off-topic and if people need to vent, let them do it there. But if it carries over into the other forums then its probably time to say something about it. Not sure if it does carry over. In the rest of the forums we’re blender heads, in the off-topic forum we’re people. Oh well. Nice of you to apologize though carnivore. Now this is where people say you’re just apologizing so you don’t look bad etc. etc. and this thread turns into yet another flame war :wink: Best thing to do about these sorts of situations (and I learned the hard way) Is not to say ANYTHING at all, good or bad.

well, i have to agree with you carnivore. political threads often turn into infernos. but ive noticed that were over the absolute depth of this forum from the time i am here. if we stay nice to each other the forum will certantely improve.

(btw. if someone think my avatar is anoying. in 6 days it will be gone. if thats too long for you pm me :wink: )

Political threads themselves aren’t bad. It’s intelligent discussion. But its the flamers and people who are way too active in posting way too few thoughts that ruin things.

Politics do tend to be the topics that can most easily explode, people side with Bush and Kerry and there is a war. This could get real bad as the deadline for the polls near.

Threads on politics…they should be banned…

Endless discussions about who is better and who will win. They’re just pointless and rather uninteresting (at least to me).

Bah if you take it seriously/personally thats your problem.

all ym debates with everyone are a grain of salt in the ocean.

if you hold grudges against people based on political or OS POV’s then perhaps you shouldn’t be debating.

people like OXSsuxor and dittobush are cool people. i mean its not there fault their thinking is flawed (Bahahahahaha just kidding guys)

i respect them all, and debating is a good laugh.

p.s. bush sucks and PC’s rule


I just can’t disagree on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Carnivore, I agree with you that people should express the social decency, manners, and other etiquette. If people disagree, there is room in the world for civilized discussion and for people to voice their differences in a civilized way.

But what I just said is an ideal. The web is truly a democratic system, in which people of all cultures and backgrounds can express themselves.

One “problem” with this is that the social moires that are acceptable in one culture are not acceptable in another.

The second “problem” is the language barrier.

The third “problem” is that in a true democracy, such as the internet, the people involved will span the entire range of education, manners, and skills.

Bad manners and ignorance are things that stem from a lack of education, personality issues, and sometimes even culture. I don’t know of a solution… and truthfully, I don’t think anyone ever has.

(I’m making this up.)
How many elYsiun users does it take to change a lightbulb?
1 to change the bulb
2 to tell him how to improve his bulb changing technique
1 to tell him it was a mediocre bulb replacement without saying anything useful.
1 to say something hurtful.
1 to say the one who said the previous was mean.
This is what follows.
Hurtful says: “not a jerk!”
Hurtful’s insulter: “are too, jerk!”
H: “No, you are!”
HI: “Idiot!”
H: “You’re just like Cubefan!”
HI: “Am NOT!!!”
H: “Idiot!”
Theeth: “This topic has been closed.”

Nice low jab there alltaken…


There is a lot of flaming going on, not entirely unjustified when it comes to spam or trolling however.

A lot of the flames that have been coming lately have been justified, in fact you can’t really call them flames. Things like this are what tip off thses “flames” you’re talking about:

[this was said to “remove” churchs] Then pass more brothels and in home prostitution, legalize all drugs and porn. Legalize sex in public, build a porn store around those churches and legalize public nudity. Get rid of the AOC, legalize bestiality and get rid of public indecency.


bush/kerry/personX is a fu**wit loser who should die

Neither of these are intelligent or meaningful. They simply are trying to net flames. People get pissed off at this crap simply because it’s just that: crap!! Thus I don’t flame, I come back with a meaningful (slightly angered, yes, justifibly so however) post that counters the “opinoin” said person had. Sometimes I’ll come back with a smart ass comment just to show how stupid your comment is (if it’s really stupid). I laugh at it.

If it’s thoughtful and smart, and respectful of others and your political enemies then I won’t get pissy at you. Simple as that.

Don’t be an arse, and I won’t be one back. Those who get flames from me generally deserve it.

I’m with alltaken here - stop taking it too seriously! politics is worse than cigarets if you take it too deep it might kill you! And as for people who can’t take critique - I pitty you.

Bah go settle on someone elses land Aner…oh shit you were agreeing with me. Opps LOL

/me is back to his sheep shagging before digging the holes to deep.

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve poked your heart through your groin, and ate your own foot…

wow… :stuck_out_tongue:

politics must end in war, just look at the world lol :frowning:

Good thread.

The biggest problem right now is people bitching about spam. Sure, there is spam. But some people’s spam detectors seem to be WAY too sensitive and that causes TONS of problems.

Too many politics cant wait till nov 2nd so it will all be gone!

Not all has to end in war, everythings peaceful outside Iraq and Afganistan.

I agree, it’s all just a bit of fun. I don’t honestly think that anyone on this forum deliberately says stuff with the intention to hurt other people’s feelings. People type totally differently than how they talk in real life. For example, my name is really Bill Gates.

Only one person to my knowledge has ever sucked in the White House. And yes, Police Constables do rule (alongside OS X ;)).

Yeah, but Canada’s too cold. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with that. Based on what I’ve seen at other forums, the so called ‘flames’ that go on here are pretty tame. There’s hardly any swearing and some ‘flames’ are actually quite inventive/humerous.

Plus, like Dittohead says, when someone provokes anger, you can choose to leave it or engage in the same way if someone kicks you in the nuts. It is said the better man will walk away from a fight but if someone kicks you in the nuts, it impairs your judgement among other things.

Consider also the fact that the majority of people here are school kids and remember how little discipline there is in school these days as well as at home and I’m surprised this place hasn’t descended into anarchy, which it certainly hasn’t.

I knew it. LOL, I thought kansas was the only one. Lookey what I found on google:


http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons6/39.gif Y’know those guys look about 15 or 16.

All in all, I think that it is best to not restrict the off-topic section too much because any pent up aggression might seep into more respectable areas of Elysiun.

well said my friend