Time/Frame number node?

Is there such a thing - or is there a way of inputting this info into a node? It would make animating or changing the mixture of materials over the course of an animation very easy.

There is something called a Time node, which allows you to change values over time. But the most basic way is to simply keyframe a property (right-click and choose ‘Insert Keyframe’ or press ‘i’ with the mouse over the property). Use the dopesheet to adjust timing.

Do you know which node header it comes under (cycles). I’d have thought it would be under the “input” header - but I can’t see anything so named.

Even Google does not cooperate on “blender cycles Time”. Particles- Age is only one i saw which could be time related; so i’m interested if there is one too.
Meanwhile - you can add drivers to Cycles nodes: there is at least one tutorial covering that.
At the same time adding variable “frame” seems to do nothing - while there is no error, Debug variable shows “0” and value does not change.
There is a workaround, i don’t think it is correct that there is needed one, still: add Custom Property to the Object you want to animate Nodes and in the Graph Editor window Drivers Properties add single Variable referring to Object’s Property. It does not need to come into any expression; in fact it could be left unresolved showing red value field, but now animations using “frame” work on this material.
cycles_frame_anim.blend (557 KB)

PS. Since recently there is security switch built in, preventing running scripts. Adding driver like single value or simple math expression is also considered script. You need to allow execution in Used Prefs - File AND click on button at the message on Blender’s header row, next to Render Engine dropdown, guess that says “Ignore” for some reason.